Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer by Valerie Moody


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You will return to Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer again and again to help you pray the kind of prayers the King will answer.  Inside this book, you will discover:

  • Kingdom order in prayer
  • Prayer in the Temple blueprint
  • Prayer as incense and altar sacrifice
  • Unlimited power of Hebrew blessings
  • Defining healing prayer and nature-altering prayer
  • Hidden factors in prayers of Hannah, Solomon, Yeshua (Jesus), and Pal
  • How Daniel's prayer defuses biblical, spoken, and inherited curses
  • Role of prayer in overcoming fear and winning spiritual battles
  • One dozen spiritual weapons
  • Avoiding prayerlessness and understanding Adonai's will
  • Ten reasons why answers to prayer are hindered
  • Interpreting unanswered prayer
  • Defining ungodly soul ties
  • Sample blessing prayers
  • Sample healing prayers
  • Sample prayers for cancelling biblical curses, Daniel-style
  • Sample prayers for severing ungodly soul ties
  • Hebrew and Greek words related to prayer
  • Glossary of Hebrew and Greek terms

100 Pages