You Can't Have My Ice Cream by Tammi Brooks


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You Can’t Have My Ice Cream is a delightful children’s story about two young siblings who learn how to resolve their differences when it comes to sharing. Children ages 1-4 will enjoy learning the important lessons of how to share and love one another.

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AUTHOR Tammi Brooks is an artist at heart who enjoys creative art projects made from items found while “treasure hunting” and spending time outdoors tending to her flowerbeds. She is passionate about helping people and animals in need. But mostly, Tammi delights in showing love to family and friends through her original hand-made artistic expressions. Tammi resides in Odessa, Texas and has one son who is the greatest gift any mother could ever receive. Her heart’s desire is that this book will bring joy and inspiration to all who read it, in hopes that it will help each of you access your creative gifts and talents, but most importantly, teach you that LOVE is the most important gift of all! Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Leviticus 19:18