Blessings for Family and Friends by John Garr


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One of the most neglected of biblical opportunities for Christians has been the subject of blessing. The Bible is full of blessing and blessings. Unfortunately, the Christian church has taken the blessing out of the home and family and restricted it to the congregational worship experience. Even there, blessings are seldom imparted, especially the ones that God commanded his children to give and receive.

Blessings for Family and Friends will open up new opportunities for you to bless everyone in your life and beyond. This book not only contains information about the subject of blessing but it also gives you sample blessings for almost any occasion.

Join the two great men of faith who were listed in the Roll Call of Faith in Hebrews 11 simply because they blessed their children. You can pronounce the same blessing that Isaac and Jacob pronounced on their children and grandchildren when you learn the biblical truth about blessing.