Esther Holy Scripture Scroll


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This strikingly beautiful Scripture Scroll of Esther is a reproduction of a Megillat Esther created by Moshe Ben Avraham in 1617 in Ferrara, Italy. The original scroll was inscribed on parchment with spectacular decorations in vivid color accompanying the text. The area between the columns of text is decorated brilliantly with flora and fauna motifs.

At the top of each page appears the torso of a man in navy blue and red fez, bespeaking the culture of Persia where the story took place. Also at the top of each page is a painting of that page's scene with subtitles and accompanying text. The scenes in the scroll depict life — culture, clothing, interior design, and food —
as the artist knew it at the beginning of the seventeenth century.

The ornate case stands 16” tall, and 4 1⁄4” in diameter.