Biblically Kosher by Aaron Eby


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There is much more to the Bibles' food laws than saying, "Hold the bacon." Learn what the Bible, ancient Rabbi's, and the Apostles teach about eating. Did Jesus put ham, shrimp, and snails back on the table? See how a Messianic Jewish perspective provides important cultural context and uncovers the true meaning of the New Testament passages about eating. Find out what it really means to eat biblically. You will discover: Biblical reasons to separate meat and dairy The real meaning of Peter's vision Secret additives that contaminate food What Paul meant by "nothing is unclean" Why beef and chicken are not always kosher This book will change the way you think about the Bible and food. It will bring you closer to the ancient Jewish way of life that Jesus and his disciples practiced. Discover how the simple act of eating can become an expression of worship! Available in paperback