Aluminum Wash Cup with Matching Bowl - Medium


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Quality aluminum wash cup with a matching deep bowl for the ritual of hand washing. A durable yet very light weight polished aluminum cup with 2 handles. The design includes part of the Hebrew Blessing recited when washing the hands. Hand washing is 1 of the 7 commandments imposed by our holy sages in the time of King David. Wash cups come in an endless variety of materials, styles, shapes etc. The traditional wash-cup was made of some sort of metal as tin. Nowadays they are made of at least 5 types of metal, resin, plastic you name it. This Aluminum Wash cup or Netilat Yedayim cup (as referred to in Hebrew) is a choice that will always be in style. Cup 5.25" Tall, Bowl 12" Diameter. Polished aluminum with elegant detailing