Songs of the Torah - Music CD


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A great collection of award-winning, Biblical songs.  Ten of the most famous, original Hebrew Bible songs. Sung in Hebrew.  Includes a booklet with lyrics and transliteration.
  1. Ephrayim, My Beloved Son - 1st performance
  2. Psalm of Ascent
  3. Hallelujah Shabbat Shalom
  4. Jerusalem, Your City, Oh Lord!
  5. Shema Israel (Hear, Oh Israel!)
  6. Israel, Israel, Trust the Lord
  7. El Ginat Egoz (to the Nut Grove) - from Songs of Songs
  8. Apple (Tapuach) - from Songs of Songs
  9. You Love Me (Libavtini) - from Songs of Songs
  10. Ephrayim, My Beloved Son - 2nd performance