Jesus IS Involved in Politics w/ Neil Mammen - Program 12


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Join Neil Mammen in this GLC Exclusive series for some eye opening information on how vital it is for the church to be involved in politics. When the church gets involved things change for the better for everyone! Available in video or audio.

We strongly encourage you to get a copy of his book by the same time available here at the GLC Bookstore.

Neil Mammen is an Engineering Scientist with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Solid-State Physics. He has started 4 high tech companies in the Silicon Valley and one internationally during his career. He is the author of over 20 pending and awarded patents. Neil is the Founder of, an apologetics teaching ministry focused on training everyday people to use apologetics in evangelism. He is a speaker at various venues around the US teaching Apologetics, Theology and The Defense of Christianity as a Rational and Logical Faith.