Light of the Southwest - GLC EXCLUSIVE DVD SET (Volume One / 5 programs)


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Join Light of the Southwest hosts Rik Wadge and Amy Cooper as they present thought-provoking subjects in this informative series recorded LIVE at the GLC studios. This GLC EXCLUSIVE SET contains 10 hours of teachings on 5 DVDs. 

Normally priced at $14.95 each when purchased individually, these enlightening programs have been nicely repackaged into two volumes and made available at a special price!  

Included in Volume One:

Constantine & the Church (LOTS #070113);

Understanding Heaven, Misnomer of the Church (LOTS #081913);

Biblical Baptism, Faith, Born Again, The Trinity (LOTS #082613);

Aliens in the Bible (LOTS #061013);

The Anti-Christ (LOTS #060313)

For greater savings, look for our combo-pack of Volumes One & Two.  Volume Two -- which can also be purchased separately -- includes:

The Ten Commandments (LOTS #062413);

Written in the Heavens (LOTS #070813);

Angels and Demons (LOTS 061713);

Messiah According to the Prophets - Part 1 (LOTS 072213);

Messiah According to the Prophets - Part 2 (LOTS 081213)