3D Hanukkah Greeting Card (Chanukah)


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Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication) 3D Greeting Cards Cards are 7"h x 5"w printed on high quality paper with embossing, gold foil, and some Hebrew Card Front-Colorful picture of a lit Hanukkiah (9-Branched Menorah) in front of "old city" Jerusalem homes with gold foil Hanukkiahs in the windows The words "Happy Hanukkah" both in English and Hebrew Silver foil stars in the sky (interior can be viewed while encased in plastic) Inside card shadow picture of card front picture Side (a) "May Hanukkah inspire you with dedication to God's service that will cause His Holy Light to illuminate the world through you." Side (b) "May you be a miracle of light for everyone whose life you touch." Card Back "Hallelujah