Digging The Truth w/ Rik Wadge - Complete Season 2


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Digging the Truth, a teaching series produced by GLC, is designed to build the Believer's confidence in the biblical text. Rik Wadge enlists a variety of historical, scientific, linguistic, anthropological, and archaeological proofs in order to broaden the Believer's understanding of scripture.

This specially priced package of Season Two (Episodes 14 - 26) includes :

  • Stories From The Tower
  • The Titles Of The Psalms Pt.1
  • The Titles Of The Psalms Pt.2
  • Nuremburg Codes
  • Stories From The Exodus
  • Digging Into Psalm 22
  • Understanding Heaven
  • Stories From The Mountain
  • Messiah In The Prophets Pt.1
  • Messiah In The Prophets Pt.2
  • Messiah In The Prophets Pt.3
  • Stories From The Fish & Circumcision
  • Isaiah Codes