Purple Yissekhar Acrylic Tallit


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Purple Yissekhar Acrylic Tallit, made in Israel

  • The crown (neck) reads "Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who has commanded us to wear the tzitzit (fringe)." The corners in Hebrew say "God will bring us to Zion joyfully"
  • Size is measured by width of the Tallit in inches, length is 72"
  • Matching Tallit Bag is #3933
In Bible days, the tallit was worn all the time; however, for centuries it has been worn by the Jews during times of prayer. Many Christians have found the that the prayer shawl has significance to them as well as to the Jewish people. Some churches use the tallit as a parament to drape either pulpit or altar. Many Christian women also use a prayer shawl in worship exercises, including liturgical dance.