40 Days Towards A More Godly Nation Book and Study Guide - By Neil Mammen


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40 Days Towards a More Godly Nation: Why only churches can lead us to a happier, healthier, safer, and mutually prosperous America

Every law is based on someone's beliefs, yet nearly 40 million Christians don’t vote! How do we get them to vote and vote God’s values?

Do laws change hearts?  Whose role is it to take care of the poor? Is it the government’s? Was Jesus involved in Politics?  How do we turn our nation back to God?  How do we reduce poverty, crime, and child abuse? How do we stop the oppression of Christians in the US?

The Bible has answers to all of these questions, and most of them point directly to The Church. This book combines the biblical answers with facts, reason, science and history. 

Includes the "40 Days Towards a More Godly Nation" Study Guide.  Start this non-partisan 40-Day Series in your church or as a Bible Study and safely and non-controversially educate and motivate your congregation.

Note: This book presents the concepts presented in Neil's book Jesus IS Involved In Politics in a Non-Partisan way.  It's good for churches that are afraid of partisanship. Designed for Small Groups and Sunday Schools. Ideal as a whole Church 40 day's series

Paperback | 400 Pages