A Change Of Heart: An Essential Christian Resource for Current and Former Offenders by Kevin McCarthy


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Any attempt to produce a change of mind or a change in behaviors is doomed to fail given our human natures. While we may have thoughts of creating this process in our personal life, we are unable to sustain our focus given the constant barrage of worldly distractions. Slowly or quickly, our resolve ebbs away, and once more, we re caught up in the choices that bring pain and shame into our life and the lives of those we love. Nothing changes until we experience a change of heart. This is not an event but rather a journey that guides life and transforms character. This change of heart is a gift that is extended to those who have come to the realization that of themselves, they can do nothing. Surrender is the key word, and that is likely a difficult concept to tolerate in our human condition. Yet as you surrender your will on a regular basis, your life purpose will slowly and consistently be revealed in the opportunities that arise. With each succeeding door that opens, there will come a flow of challenges, blessings and gifts that serve to sustain and nourish continued growth. Out of this process, you will come to fully understand that there is a purpose for life and that the greatest joy comes from fulfilling that promise. This is not a preachy book filled with solemn sayings; rather, it is a tribute to Jesus Christ who can work His purpose in any surrendered life. My desire is that you join me on this pathway to personal transformation. Your faith will grow as you come to understand the dynamic of surrender. Out of your faith will grow a new and profound sense of hope that will complete its work in your life. You cannot buy this gift, or steal it as a possession, yet it is offered freely to those who are committed to finding the truth.