A Surrendered Life: Finding Freedom, Healing, and Hope After Abortion


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A Surrendered Life: A Thoughtful Approach to Finding Freedom, Healing, and Hope After Abortion

It is estimated that 43% of women in childbearing years have experienced an abortion. The issue for many of these women goes beyond politics, banner waving, and shouting matches. It is a personal decision that was made that often leaves the woman with emotions she never expected. In A Surrendered Life, Pat Layton shares her personal story, along with those of others, to guide women who have had abortions - and those who love these women - toward their own faith-based healing journeys. A Surrendered Life offers eight steps to freedom, healing, and hope:

  • Where Have You Come From
  • Sharing the Secret
  • Walking in Truth
  • A Time for Anger
  • Forgiveness: The Key to Freedom
  • From Grief to the Great Exchange
  • The Peace of Release
  • Sharing the Journey

Paperback | 154 Pages | By: Patricia K. Layton