Ancient Jewish Prayers and the Messiah by Dr. Richard Booker


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The prayers of Jesus are one of the most important Biblical Hebraic roots of Christianity. Unfortunately, His prayers have been misunderstood because they have been read through Western eyes. In the New Testament period, there were prescribed prayers written centuries earlier that Jesus would have prayed. Christianity inherited these prayers. In fact, the most famous Jewish prayer in Christendom is the "Lord's Prayer" which was a summary of the heart and soul of true prayer that has come to us though the Jewish people. In order to pray Biblically, Christians can learn much from ancient Jewish prayers, their place in the New Testament, the way Jews pray today, and the connection of Jewish prayers to Christian prayers. This profound book will revolutionize your life. You will discover the Jewish background to Christian prayers, the Jewish background to the Lord's Prayer and the important ancient Jewish prayer that concerns events regarding the restoration of Jerusalem and the coming Messiah. Available in paperback booklet.