Anti-Israelism: The New Face of Antisemitism by Dr John Garr


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In an academic tour-de-force, Dr. John D. Garr has provided a comprehensive analysis of the causes and historical manifestations of antisemitism—the morbid and utterly irrational hatred of Jews and all things Jewish.

When two millennia of unrelenting persecution of the Jewish people culminated in systematic murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust, the evil of antisemitism should have been eradicated once and for all. From the moment that the Jewish people restored their own nation in their ancestral homeland, however, antisemitism reemerged in the insidious new garments of “social justice” and anti-colonialism. Once and for all, this book rips off the mask and exposes anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism to expose the raw, naked evil that lies behind the new disguise of shapeshifting antisemitism.

  • What Is Antisemitism?
  • Antisemitism in Antiquity
  • Christian Antisemitism
  • New Blood Libels
  • Antisemitism Redux
  • Delegitimizing Israel

Order your copy of Anti-Israelism: The New Face of Antisemitism and get the historical and theological truth on which you can build your own godly perspective on Israel and the Jewish people.