Christian Celebrations For Passover by Dr. John Garr


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The author, Dr. John Garr, Ph.D., is a leading authority on Hebraic Roots of Christianity.

Christian Celebrations for Passover features in-depth analysis of the biblical festival of Passover. First, it gives Christians details as to the biblical history of the first Passover and its continuing celebration among the Jewish people. It underscores the fact that Passover is foundational to the Jewish experience and faith.

This book also details the event that is foundational to Christianity when Jesus died on the very day of Passover. Immediately before this pivotal event, Jesus instructed his disciples as to a new memorial for the Passover that would be an addition to their traditional Jewish celebration. Attention is also given to the continuing celebration of Passover in the Christian church until the fourth century in the West and until the eleventh century in the East.

Christians are encouraged to investigate the importance of Passover and to incorporate it into their own liturgical calendar and worship experiences, following Paul's advice: "Since Christ our Passover has been sacrificed for us, let us therefore observe the festival."

Finally, the book gives a detailed Christian Haggadah for traditional Passover celebration and a "New Testament Passover" liturgy for holy communion. Soft Cover 79 pages