Complete Bereshit (Genesis) Series from Shabbat Shalom with Sondra Barras


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The Jewish People have long been referred to as the People of the Book and the Bible has been that Book - a wealth of traditions, teachings and the basis of the Jewish Faith. The Five Books of Moses are referred to as the Torah, Hebrew for teaching, and each week, in the synagogues all over the world, a set portion of the Torah is read. For centuries, the Jewish people have focused their Bible Study on the Torah Portion of the Week. As Jewish families celebrate the Shabbat, the Jewish families celebrate the Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, discussion of the weekly portion is part of festive meals and community gatherings. As you watch these programs we invite you to partake in the weekly Torah study, to contemplate the meaning of the Scriptures, and to discover the understaandings that have become part of the Jewish heritage. Bareisheet Noach Lech-Lecha Vayeira Chayei Sarah Toledot Vayetze Vayishlach Vayeshev Miketz Vayigash Vayechi