Creation Magazine: Tasmanian Devil (Issue 37:2)


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From Creation Ministries International comes this unique 56-page full-color family magazine that gives God the glory, refutes evolution, and gives you the answers to defend your faith and uphold the true history of the world found in Genesis. The exciting articles provide great witnessing material that you won't find anywhere else!

Table of Contents:
Page / Title & Author
4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Giving young people career choices by Tas Walker
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–15 A dangerous view by David Catchpoole
16–17 Tower of Hanoi by Samuel Gan
18–19 Ants: the incredible heavy-lifting champions by Cody Guitard
20 Leviathan’s body armour by David Catchpoole
22–24 Dark matter by John Hartnett
25 How geckos become unstuck by Jonathan Sarfati
26–27 A garden proclaiming creation - Carl Wieland chats with Everard Noack
28–29 Dinosaurs in Noah’s vineyard by David C. Lewis
30–33 Creation for Kids: What is science? by Erin Hughes and Lita Cosner
34–37 Tasmanian devil by Michael Eggleton
38–40 Mechanical engineer: physics points to God’s glory - Lita Cosner interviews Dr Chad Rodekohr
41 Evolutionary dilemma by Don Batten
42–43 Is the authority of Scripture only about spiritual things? by Lita Cosner
44–46 What all atheists have to believe (Pre-publication version) by Calvin Smith
47–49 The name game by Shaun Doyle
50–52 Genesis is history by Jonathan Sarfati
53 Movie making an off the wall idea by Warren Nunn
54–55 Japanese Sparrowhawk by Jillene Bailey
56 Miracle fruit by David Catchpoole