Creation Magazine: Amazing Argonauts (Issue 38:1)


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From Creation Ministries International comes this unique 56-page full-color family magazine that gives God the glory, refutes evolution, and gives you the answers to defend your faith and uphold the true history of the world found in Genesis. The exciting articles provide great witnessing material that you won't find anywhere else!

Table of Contents:
Page / Title & Author
4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Jesus the Creator by Don Batten
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–13 The new Pluto by David Coppedge
14–16 Doctor realizes the importance of education Lita Cosner chats with Dr Lainna Callentine
17 Fine tuning of the backward eye is vital to colour vision by Jonathan Sarfati
18–19 Rats, bats and pitcher plants Brian Thomas
20–21 There’s cosmology and then there’s real science by John G. Hartnett
22–23 Foliage in fast forward by Keaton Halley
24–25 Overturnin’ the learnin’ about lignin by David Catchpoole
26–29 From Atheism to Christ Dr Robert Carter interviews molecular biologist Dr Yingguang Liu
30–33 Creation for Kids Life in the Ice Age by Erin Hughes and Lita Cosner
34–37 Amazing Argonauts by David Catchpoole
38–39 Charged-up spiders on the move by Warren Nunn
40–43 Are there out-of-sequence fossils that are problematic for evolution? (Pre-publication version) by Gary Bates and Lita Cosner
44–47 Evolutionary art? by Philip Bell
48–50 The challenge of ancient ice ages answered by Michael Oard
51–53 The Z-factor by David Catchpoole
54–55 Mercator’s projection by Russell Grigg
56 The Potter’s hands by David Catchpoole