Deep Calls To Deep CD by Carolyn Hyde


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May you enter in a deep place of worship as you listen to this Middle-Eastern soaking CD. Enjoy the rich harmonies and sounds of the harp, cello, violin, recorder, Irish pennywhistle, guitar and more. The Middle-Eastern flavor flows out of the saz, setar and tar, instruments from Iran and Turkey. These nations are two of Israel's modern day enemies who will one day be worshiping the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with us. What a perfect sound for worship coming from Israel! May you enter into the throne room of grace through this new worship and soaking CD. Enjoy and be immensely blessed! Track Listing: Cleft Of The Rock L-rd G-d Almighty Deep Calls To Deep Sha'arei Tzion More And More Like You Achat Sha'alti Yet I Will Rejoice One Question We'll Flourish Here Ata Nehedar