Dwelling Place of Elohim by Karen Taylor


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The Dwelling Place of Elohim Do you want to know who you are? And why did Adonai God create this world? According to the Bible, Elohim/Adonai created you and this world for His pleasure. You were created and sculptured with “great deliberation and wisdom.” With unerring sagacity He designed a mold that could handle a facet of divinity and glory-so He created you. Instilling within you attributes of Adonai Himself. You were created in His image and for His glory. This book is written for those who are tired of “stumbling” into the presence of God. Particularly for all who desire not just one night but an eternity with the King! To the “God chasers” who are exhausted from running to and fro, conference to revival, buying books and media your search is over. Are you ready to kick off your spiritual tennis shoes? Finally, the time has come where we no longer have to “settle” for periodic sightings of God,” in our local services, but INTENSE unending WORSHIP. We will take a candid look at the life, anointing and assignments of three powerful servants of the Old Testament. We will see what happened to Eli, the Priest; Saul the 1st King of Israel, and the Prophet, King David. Examine why their ministries experienced tragedies or fail short of His glory. We will correct definitions of anointing and glory. What’s the real plan, purpose and power of praise and worship. The time has come for a change, their lives and fate depend upon it.