Feelings Women Rarely Share by Judy Reamer


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Feelings Women Rarely Share by Judy Reamer As seen on GLC's Light of the Southwest #120312! This best selling book targets an issue not often addressed within the Christian arena. This is a subject every aged woman, married or not, should be informed about at least once in her lifetime. It has been a “silent factor” in many lives. Covering feelings women rarely share, Judy confronts the issue of sexuality, immorality, and of looking at the journey of sexual temptation. What do you do when you are drawn to someone you cannot have because he belongs to someone else or you belong to someone else? We need to be prepared in this delicate and complex area. Even if you are certain you do not need to read this for yourself, you will have gained some information to help another. This is also an excellent pass along book when you feel you are unable to adequately counsel someone who is struggling with a “moral” problem.