Feminine By Design by John Garr


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The Feminine and Free Series Book 3. Feminine By Design : The God Fashioned Woman Feminine by Design: The God-Fashioned Woman provides detained understanding of how and why God created woman that enables both men adn women to recognize the rightful contributions that God designed women to make for the welfare of humanity. Despite millennia of misguided efforts by men to control and dominate them, God originally designed women to be coequal with men and to have complete freedom to use any gift and to fulfill any role that he has given them. Women are designed to be feminine. They are designed for beauty, purity, and modesty. They are designed for sexual fulfillment. They are designed for nurture and relationship. And they are designed for freedom. Whatever your race, ethnicity, gender, faith, or social status, this book will literally set you free from misconceptions that have restricted the roles of women. As you are reconnected with the Hebraic foundations of your faith, you will clearly understand God's original design and purpose for women, and you will begin to help remove obstacles that have kept women from assuming their God-given roles in the family, in society, and especially in the community of faith. Available in Paperback.