Hope: 90 Devotions from Our Daily Bread


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When you’re facing challenges in life, sometimes it’s hard to sit back and wait on the Lord. But God wants you to know He is your refuge and strength; He is present when you need Him; and He has a plan—there is hope for your future.

Many of the Psalms express how David went before the Lord in the face of problems and trials. And in God’s presence David found a sense of peace and renewed strength to endure. From his youth, when he slew a giant, to his adulthood, ruling an entire kingdom, he learned to put his trust in the God of hope.

This collection of simple yet powerful devotions from Our Daily Bread encourages you to rely on God just like David did. In the combination of Scripture, biblical insights, and personal stories, you’ll find a treasury of wisdom to help you stand firm in your faith with a confident hope in the Sovereign Lord.  (Paperback)