Husbands & Fathers by Derek Prince


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In Husbands and Fathers, Prince, the father of twelve adopted children, sets forth the biblical foundation for men to function -- and excel -- in their most vital roles, offering insights on the husband / father role you won't find elsewhere. As a renowned Bible expositor, he combines his life experience with Scripture to help you fulfill your dual responsibilities!

Absent or uninvolved males are the number-one problem in society -- a problem that has had a negative domino-effect of many issues we face today. But with God it's never too late!  No matter where men are in their journeys as husbands and fathers, Prince explains exactly what it takes to fulfill those roles and bless those closest to them.

Men seeking wise counsel on leading their families, as well as women longing for the men in their lives to grow in godly leadership, will find priceless insight and clear instruction in these pages.