Jean Claude Chevalme pgm #49-55 "Unity and Oneness" 7 Part Series

jean claude chevalme #49-55-01

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Unity and Oneness In this teaching, you will learn how the leadership has failed to value or recognize the crucial importance of the difference between the necessary requirements of our organic oneness in Christ (our growth as living stones in the spiritual temple of Ephesians 2:21-22 for spiritual maturity), and those of the organizational unity of the body of Christ for collaborative function. The former requires fullness of love, truth and righteousness. The later requires a love given at the expense of truth, and as a consequence… righteousness, since truth is the agent for sanctification (John 17:17). The results are that a host of issues must be addressed by the leadership, for the Church as a whole to grow in the prophesied maturity of John 17:21-23. This teaching will help leaders as well as all other believers, to realize the seriousness of the Church’s condition; why it is like that; and some of the steps to put it back on the right track. More to come for leadership. Available on DVD or Audio CD