Jew For Oil by Kim Thornsburg


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History of Ships Used in Holocaust Barred from the annals of WWII history is the clandestine activities perpetrated by the Bristish and American governments against Jewish immigration into Palestine and other safe havens around the world. Beginning with the M.S. St. Louis and ending with the S.S. Exodus, Jewish refugees were systematically killed, sent out to sea without water, food, and fuel, or returned to Nazi Europe. In all, 144 Jewish refugee ships withstood the British-American gauntlet of indifference. The survivors of these "Aliyah Bet" ships were sure to document this secret holocaust - holy war financed with Jewish blood. The Cover: A Ha'apala pastel drawing of an Aliyah Bet sailing ship painted by a child who may have sailed on the vessel. The Hebrew writing translates: " Much happiness, all good, and immigration soon!!!" This drawing was sold as a rare estate find from a Jewish family album.