Jewish Game Changers by Diane A. McNeil


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The definition of game changer is: an "ah-ha" moment that creates an extreme, disruptive advantage or improvement. In 1975 I was introduced to my first game changer. Incredibly, it was not about sports, business or world affairs; it was Jewish! In that poignant encounter with God, He allowed me entrance into the private recesses of His heart - a heart passionate for Israel. We partnered in that moment, and I, too, fell in love with His Israel and the Jew. That was a total spiritual transformation for me. I like to say, "It messed up my perfectly good Christian rut." It has been a whirlwind love affair that I would never have wanted to miss. I eagerly invite you to step inside the pages of these Jewish Game Changers and see the Great Mastermind at work with His Chosen and His Church * * * * * * * Diane A. McNeil is the author of the comp elling and innovative Bible study entitled Ruth 3,000 Years of Sleeping Prophecy Awakened. She completed and published the tenyear project in 2005, and the following year released a companion workbook by the same title. Much of the teaching is a result of the multiples of Jewish lives intertwined with the author's and their unconscious unveiling of the deep truths in the Jewish Book of Ruth. The author has been featured on both Jewish and Christian television and on Christian radio, and continues blazing new trails in the continued pursuit of unity between God's Chosen and His Church. As these Jewish Game Changers reveal, Mrs. McNeil is passionate about wanting to be on assignment in God's enterprise - especially all things Jewish.