Joe McGee pgm #344-355 "Honey Don't Panic" Series

joe mcgee #344-355-01

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he opposite of panic is calm. While we know that in the Last Days, perilous time will come (2 Timothy 3:1-5), we also know that God is pouring His Spirit out on all flesh (Acts 1:17). There has never been a more exciting time to be alive! This series reveals the hundreds of promises of protection and peace of mind that come from the Word of God. May your faith be built up and your heart encouraged as you listed. Part 1 - Don't Worry Part 2 - No Trouble Part 3 - Long Life Part 4 - No More Curses Part 5 - The Unseen World Part 6 - No Fear Part 7 - What it is Part 8 - How It Works Part 9 - Health & Healing Part 10 - Somebody Talk to Me Part 11 - Managing Conflict Part 12 - Asking Available on DVD or Audio CD.