Mary, Mother of the Lord DVD by Ragtown Gospel Theatre


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A large group of disciples of Jesus have assembled in Jerusalem. These are the witnesses of the ascension of Christ, whom He instructed to go to Jerusalem and wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. For the week since the ascension, they have been continually meeting together in the house where Jesus and the twelve shared the Last Supper, spending the remainder of their time at the Temple in prayer. Included in the assembly are the eleven remaining Apostles of Jesus, and the Lord's family. Mary is at the center of the assembly, providing solace and encouragement to those gathered around her, while privately in grief. Having experienced the loss of her Son at the crucifixion, then having Him restored to her at His resurrection, she was unprepared to lose Jesus a second time, as He was caught up into Heaven before her eyes. At Pentecost, we witness their glorious reuniting. Approximate Running Time - 54 minutes