Mezuzah by Toby Janicki - Book


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A Study on the Commandment of the Mezuzah

Mayim Chayim Series

We may have read in the Scriptures that we are to "...write these words on our doorposts and gates," but we may still wonder "Which words? And how?" The new Mezuzah booklet helps you discover the scriptural basis for the tradition of the mezuzah and its history from the time of Moses to the present day. Study the mezuzah's symbolism and how it reveals the work of Messiah in our everyday lives. We will learn about the history of the mezuzah, its purpose and content, and experience the full meaning of this reminder as we participate in this wonderful commandment.

The mezuzah's purpose is to remind us of the commandments of the Torah every time we pass by it. This is the context of the mezuzah verses in Deuteronomy. Moses urges us to "fear the Lord your God, to keep all His statutes and His commandments which I command you, all the days of your life" (Deuteronomy 6:2). It is the same way with all the physical symbols of Torah.

The world is constantly moving away from godliness. This is a daily struggle for every man and woman of faith. Diligence and focus are much-needed characteristics for our walk. Every day we see images that do not project godliness and that entice us away from Torah. From billboards to magazine covers to TV commercials, we are flooded with images of immorality, frivolousness and materialism. We need visible reminders to point us back to the path of Torah and to combat these negative influences.