Miracle of the Scarelet Thread 4 CD Audio Set


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From Genesis to Revelation The Story of God's Blood Covenant With Man The Scarlet Thread is woven through every book of the Bible. The fabric it forms is God's blood covenant provided for man, a subject few in the West understand. The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread provides a new way to unravel the complexities of the Bible by explaining this subject. It reveals God's order, sheds light on the Old Testament and demonstrates in clear language how the Old Testament and New Testament fit together to tell one complete story. The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread is one of the most profound books on the blood of Christ ever written. Since its original printing, the book has become a worldwide best-selling classic, highly acclaimed by many Christian leaders. It is considered standard reading for individual believers, churches, Bible schools and study groups around the world. Richard Booker has an international teaching ministry and is the author of numerous Christian books which have touched the lives of many thousands around the world. He travels extensively, ministering on various aspects of the Christian life.