No Longer Strangers by Dr. Richard Booker


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People all over the world are searching for their roots. Likewise, Christians are searching for their spiritual roots. Believers around the world are discovering there was a vital connection between Christianity and Judaism that was severed centuries ago. Once that severing took place, biblical Judaism and biblical Christianity, which God intended to be one, went their separate ways. This is a new spiritual season when the Lord is calling both Christians and Jews back to their biblical roots. The biblical root of Christianity is Jewish. This root grew from an everlasting covenant God made with Abraham. Christians became part of that root through their acceptance of Jesus as Messiah and Lord. Believers who are discovering their roots are experiencing profound changes in their lives. Their understanding of the Bible becomes richer, deeper, and clearer with new and powerful insights. Their walk with God is energized and their love relationship with Jesus is rekindled. If you desire these wonderful benefits in your life, you must read No Longer Strangers.