Not Forgotten


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On November 12, 2012, during his eighteenth trip into the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kenneth Bae inadvertently broke his own cardinal rule: never bring an external computer hard drive into the country. Now North Korean authorities had it--and him. What did they want?Would he ever see his family again?

Sentenced to fifteen years at a remote North Korean prison camp, Bae would withstand psychological torture, forced labor, and failing health--ultimately becoming the longest-held American prisoner in the DPRK since the Korean War. While the excruciating experience threatened to break his spirit, his faith in God's unwavering love would not falter.

Now Bae reveals his version of these events and shines the spotlight on those whom he hopes his supporters will remember: the people of North Korea. Not Forgotten is a riveting account of one man's sacrifical love for a forgotten people suffering under a brutal dictator.


By Kenneth Bae, Mark Tabb | Hardcover | 240 Pages