Our Lost Legacy: Christianity’s Hebrew Heritage by Dr John Garr


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These words of a Methodist bishop in Brazil, an Anglican leader in India, and a Pentecostal overseer in Africa, expressed the sentiments of thousands of Christians around the world when they first discovered through the challenging teachings of D. John D. Garr The extent to which they have been deprived of the Hebrew heritage of their Christian faith.

For the past nineteen centuries, millions of believers have been denied their biblical legacy, the riches of the Hebrew foundations of their faith. Christian Judaeophobia, anti-judiasm, and anti-Semitism have conspired to rob them of the treasures of their inheritance.

Our Lost Legacy presents selected essays and lectures i which Dr. Garr urges the church to recover its Hebrew heritage, its connection with the Jewish matrix from which it was produced. These pages call Christians back to the Bible, to the roots of faith that enrich lives and equip believers to achieve greater maturity through a more complete knowledge of Jesus, our Jewish Lord.

Our Lost Legacy presents vivid images of Christianity’s heritage in the Hebrew faith.

  • Biblical Judaism – The Root of Christianity
  • Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand
  • Christ, Our Righteousness
  • Jewish Jesus or Cosmic Christ?
  • The Secret to Fulfilling the Law

As you read this volume, you’ll be simply amazed at just how Jewish Christianity really is! And you’ll be determined to recover your lost legacy in the Hebrew heritage of your faith.