Parable of the Shoes by Judy Reamer


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The Parable of the Shoes (The Hidden Value of a Comfortable Soul) by Judy Reamer

The Parable of the Shoes is a whimsical yet penetrating look at our personal responsibility to enhance, rather than hurt, the credibility of the Gospel. A good camaraderie often provides the best context for sharing the message of God's great gift of salvation. So what are you like? Are you like Judy? Are you easy to be with, comfortable to be around? May this book help you understand not only the importance of the message, but of the messenger whose feet bring it. Bless your soul!

Judy Reamer is a GLC teacher!  Her program "What's the Cost?", based on her best-selling book Feelings Women Rarely Share, is available on DVD & MP3 Audio.  Copies of her guest appearances on Light of the Southwest are also available.