Passover Encounter Haggadah


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Passover Encounter is a great way to truly get into and relate to the Exodus and to thoroughly enjoy Passover. Features that make Passover Encounter different from a traditional haggadah include a simpler and more straightforward maggid section (the section in which the story is told). In Passover Encounter the story is told from Exodus. Those who know the traditional haggadah understand that the maggid is far from a simple telling. Christians will appreciate the story as it unfolds in Passover Encounter. Passover Encounter will increase the awareness and appreciation of Christians for the Hebrew Bible and for Israel. The narrative of redemption should draw Christians into the story of Ancient Israel and leave participants eager to study more of the Hebrew Bible. Passover Encounter has no Hebrew, tells the Passover story in a simpler manner, and is designed to promote a spiritual experience in both the Exodus narrative and through connection of the redemption in Yeshua. Passover Encounter is especially for use by Christian families, small groups, and churches.