"Passover: The Festival of Redemption" by Dr. John Garr


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Passover: The Festival of Redemption features in-depth analysis of the biblical festival that is foundational to both Judaism and Christianity.  Two of the greatest events of salvation history took place on the very day of Passover. Israel was delivered from Egyptian bondage on Passover, and, fifteen hundred years later, Jesus was crucified on Passover, delivering believers from the bondage of sin and death.

Restoring Passover and other biblical festivals is essential for Christians who want to understand the biblical foundations of their faith. Recognizing the historical and spiritual truths represented by Passover is a profound means of understanding the historical and theological truth of Christianity’s Jewish connection.

Passover: The Festival of Redemption will help you understand these themes: The Exodus Story; Two Miracles, Two Faiths; Christ: Our Passover; Sacrifice and Baptism; Celebrating Passover with Jesus and the Apostles; and much more. This book will equip you, your family, and your congregation with resources that will enable you to share a Christian observance of Passover in remembrance of Jesus’ death and resurrection until our Lord comes again.