Pivotal Doctrines of the Messiah by Ben Burton (DVD, CD, mp3)


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***available on DVD, CD audio or mp3 audio*** Pivotal Doctrines of the Messiah includes 10 hours of teachings including: The Virgin Birth Deity Atonement Three essential doctrines regarding the person and work of the Messiah. Core beliefs that are being questioned within the community of faith and even denied by prominent leaders. With the end of this Age coming ever closer, room for doubt on these fundamental issues will most certainly affect our faith and ability to overcome. What are the origins of these foundational principles? Are they just meaningless concepts or are they more crucial than we ever imagined? Are we taking for granted, or simply overlooking, the most grand and intricate of all the plans of our Creator? Favorite Light of the Southwest guest, Ben Burton, tackled each of these doctrines with superb agility, using the Tanakh (Old Testament) and historical writings of the Jewish sages. The Jewish people HAD to know every detail to look for in order to recognize the Messiah. It's here that we begin to uncover how phenomenal He is. You'll be stunned as Ben proves the Virgin Birth - even naming names - using only the books of the OId Testament! His ability at proving both Deity and Atonement is no less amazing. Five episodes of Light of the Southwest - 10 full hours - that will take your understanding of Messiah to another level.