PLANT, A Tu Bishvat Anthology Book*


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Nurturing, Repairing, Providing, Giving The re-establishment of the land of Israel is a continuing miracle in our days that causes us to think about God's faithfulness to his covenant. As a result, we can thank the Lord through celebrating Tu Bishvat with all Israel. Perhaps you have never heard of Tu Bishvat, and have no idea about how to celebrate it. That's okay! First Fruits of Zion has a great resource for you. In our new book entitled “PLANT," you will learn: that the fifteenth of Shevat (Tu Bishvat) was recognized in Temple times as an important day in Temple worship that Yeshua was aware of this day, and perhaps even taught about it the evolving history of its observance post-Temple activities and ideas about how to celebrate Tu Bishvat stories and encouraging testimonies from believers in the land of Israel about modern observances Join us, in unity with greater Judaism, in recognizing Tu Bishvat and educating the world around us in ways we can bless Israel and show her people our love from the nations. lament as he perceived its destruction. Share in the vision of the Messianic Jewish luminaries who longed to see that hope restored in the State of Israel, the “beginning of the sprouting of our redemption."