Promised Land by Derek Prince


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Since the end of World War II, the focus of world politics has shifted from Europe and North America to the Middle East. Today's news media devote more attention to the Middle East than to any other place on earth. And it is no accident that Israel, a nation no bigger than the state of New Jersey, continuously dominates these headlines. Why has this tiny, struggling land become the fulcrum of human history? What is the main destructive force-hard at work in the Middle East-that is threatening international peace and security? Who is controlling the events that will draw all nations on earth into a final decision-a decision that will determine their very survival? These questions are explored in the recently updated Promised Land. Intercessors, students of prophecy, and Christians who love Israel will want to read this book to take a closer look at God's plan, unfolding through human history and culminating with the advent of his glorious kingdom on earth.