Rhapsody in Blue and White CD by Alyosha


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"Rhapsody in Blue and White", is a elaborate composition on one of the most famous Hebrew Songs: "Heveinu Shalom Alekhem". This Song has been sung for years during the time that new immigrants from all over the world would arrive to Israel. It has become an "Aliyah" song. The Rhapsody reflects the struggles, the battles and victories as Jewish people move in their aspiration to return to the Promised Land, the Land of their forefathers. Alyosha performs these concert pieces internationally, purposing for his audiences to experience God in a deep way. Tracks include: Praise Song No. 12 - Abiding in His Love 5:17 Praise Song No. 17 - Awakening 7:12 Praise Song No. 11 - His Mercy 6:14 Praise Song No. 18 - To My Beloved 6:14 Praise Song No. 20 - Victory 8:20 Praise Song No. 19 - My Love, My Fair One 5:33 Rhapsody in Blue and White 12:12