Signs & Wonders 101 by Jena Rawley Taylor


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The Kingdom’s laws are quite different from ours and can actually override our natural laws; hence, those anomalies called miracles, signs and wonders, as well as supernatural healings.  Gaining access is so simple a child could do it, yet so difficult that many miss it altogether.  Join me on this journey of activating faith as we break through the veil between the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of this world.

The book Signs and Wonders 101 is a devotional chronical of 101 days of miracles. Each day puts forth a Kingdom Principle found in the Bible, as well as the Old or New Testament story that supports the principle. In addition, each day tells a miracle story seen right here right now. Many stories happened at the mission, some happened across the country. Scripture references are listed as well as an activation assignment for the reader and a place to write down what happened.  While this book is my story, it is also going to be your story and your journey into the Kingdom.

Enjoy!  Jena Taylor