The Americans Are Coming!!! by Dirk Van Leenen


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"The Americans are coming" was the slogan which kept the Dutch people alive during the last eight months of the Second World War. There was rampant shortages of food, and even water was scarce, because the waterworks had been shut down or sabotaged. The Nazi's had looted the country if everything imaginable for their own use in their Heimat. Train loads of food were shipped to Germany to feed their soldiers and citizens. In addition, a Dutch word, "vordering" which means "requisition" was used to steal everything of value from the Dutch. There was no end to their looting. The cruel Nazi motto was: "If we can't win this war by suppression, we will starve them." From the beginning until the end of the war in Holland, resistance was fierce. There were several resistance groups, a specific group of non militant Resistance helped the poor, the fugitives and the Jews. Continuing the story that began in Book 1, Resistance on a Bicycle, we follow the same characters and story line, as the hiding, transporting and sustaining of the Hidden Jews continues in a more intensive series of anecdotes.