The Bible Or The Axe by William Levi


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As seen on GLC's Light of the Southwest program #111812! Exile. Persecution. Torture. The Riveting True Story of One Man’s Escape from the Sudan. By the muddy banks of the Kulo-jobi River, a young Sudanese boy is faced with a decision that will shape the rest of his life. The Bible or the Axe is the dramatic true story of faith tested by fire in war-torn South Sudan. William Ochan Levi, a Messianic believer from an African Hebrew tribal group, grew up as a refugee in the wilderness of Uganda. As a teen he returned to his homeland, only to face persecution, arrest, and torture. His miraculous escape from jihad forces was the first step in an odyssey that ultimately led to a new life in the United States. After meeting with Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of the Martyrs, William was inspired to found Operation Nehemiah Missions, International. Operation Nehemiah is dedicated to rebuilding the minds, bodies, and spirits of the Sudanese people who have been brutalized by war and persecution. What tools should Christians use to fight the war in Sudan and other Muslim countries—the Bible or the axe? Learn the depths of forgiveness and the power of Christ’s love to triumph in the most desperate of circumstances. If you have a heart for the persecuted Church, don’t miss this book! William Levi has written a gripping account of his suffering as a Sudanese under Islamic persecution. He accurately describes the spiritual and physical struggle.