The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels Deluxe Softcover


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More than a century ago, Franz Delitzsch created a biblical work of art. Assisted by prominent Messianic Jewish scholars with classical rabbinical educations, Delitzsch translated the Greek New Testament into Hebrew, returning Yeshua to Judaism and giving the Gospels back to the Jewish world. Vine of David is pleased to bring Delitzsch’s classic Hebrew Gospels to today’s Messianic Jewish movement combined with a new English translation based on the Delitzsch Hebrew. The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels, with its intuitive design, beautiful translation, eloquent and informative introductions, extensive glossaries, and insightful features, make this edition of the Gospels truly unique. Perhaps The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels: A Hebrew/English Translation (DHE) is the most contextually sensitive and Jewish presentation of the Gospels published to date. Volume Contents Informative introductions to the translation, and the Gospels A special Prayers and Blessing section Introductions to each Gospel, anthologized from commentary by Rabbi Yechiel Lichtenstein Extensive reference material, covering idioms, key terms, transliterated terms and proper names Several maps of Israel during the time of Yeshua Charts, covering a harmonization of the twelve disciples, weights, measurements and currency, and time events from the Gospels. Specifications: Deluxe Edition, Softcover Size: 6.7” x 9.25”. Thickness 1.3” Weight 2.5 lbs. (page count: 528) Binding: Flex Bound (Softcover), Smyth sewn (lay flat), round back, headbands, gold gilding, and two placement ribbons. Cover: DuraTone™ PU/EF (Rich Brown) Vintage, with foil stamped (Brushed Gold) titles and decorative artwork and decorative heat burnishing; squared corners. Paper: Bright white, High quality Golden Sun smooth opaque, Endsheets (printed) Packaged: Inserted into a ridged protective slipcase, shrink-wrapped.