The Exodus Case by Dr. Lennart Moller


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In this newly updated and expanded volume, there are 448 pages of spectacular color photographs of places you will likely never see in your lifetime. There are pictures of ancient chariot wheels and human bones lying on the bottom of the Red Sea; pictures of the six-story massive rock in the desert that quenched the thirst of two million Israelites. According to Josephus the water that came from the rock in the desert was like a rushing river! Dr. Lennart Moller took some startling photos of the blackened, melted granite on the top of Mount Sinai. You will see the altar of the golden calf -- photographic evidence of an archeological cover-up. Many of the historical sites from the Exodus are fenced off and surrounded by barbed wire, armed guards and "No Trespassing" signs. The Saudi government has no desire to corroborate the historical veracity of the Hebrew Scriptures. Dr Moller's scientific specialty lies in DNA studies and he includes a chapter on the bloodlines of the Jewish priesthood. Through advanced DNA research , the families who descended from Aaron have also been discovered. This book is a "must read!" (448 pages - hardcover)