The Isaiah Project - Johnson, Poindexter & Jackson SEASON 2 (DVD / CD Set)


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The Isaiah Project was designed to challenge thinking and reveal long-hidden truths & agendas concerning the Black community. Host of the program, Dr. Melvin Johnson, is the pastor of Heart of Christ Community Church in Brazoria, TX, and is the author of “Overcoming Racism Through the Gospel” and “From Heaven to You.”

Included in this set are Dr. Johnson’s interviews with Lynne Jackson and Lonnie Poindexter, along with four biblical teachings presented by Rev. Johnson.

Lynne Jackson is proud to be a direct descendant of Dred Scott who sued for his freedom from slavery. The landmark Supreme Court "Dred Scott Decision" of 1857 drew a strong reaction from the American public and moved the country to the brink of Civil War.

Lonnie Poindexter hosts the daily radio program Lion Chasers, an in-depth look at the effects of liberal ideology on the African-American community. Its aim is to replace long-held beliefs based on lies and deception with sound Biblical principles that point the community back to a moral and free society.

12-Part DVD Set Includes:
Getting Involved - Lonnie Poindexter, Guest
Spiritual Strongholds - Lonnie Poindexter, Guest
Content of Character - Lonnie Poindexter, Guest
Church Unity - Lonnie Poindexter, Guest
Lynne M. Jackson Pt.1
Lynne M. Jackson Pt.2
Lynne M. Jackson Pt.3
Lynne M. Jackson Pt.4
Spiritual Strongholds pt1 - Teaching by Rev Johnson
Spiritual Strongholds pt2 - Teaching by Rev Johnson
The Shadow Behind The Cross pt1 - Teaching by Rev Johnson
The Shadow Behind The Cross pt2 - Teaching by Rev Johnson